Television Commercials

My first introduction to the world of TV was through pitching, creating, and coordinating chat line commercials. Marketing this kind of brand comes with very unique challenges. You are advertising a human connection so you have to be able to speak directly to the reptilian brain in a way that makes them reach for theContinue reading “Television Commercials”

Short Film: The House Of The Rising Sun

As a final project at VanArts 3D Character Animation Program, we had the unique opportunity to develop and create our own short film. Mine was a playful and spooky take on the classic song The House Of The Rising Sun.  Join our cast of fabulous femme fatales as we take a tasteful tango down aContinue reading “Short Film: The House Of The Rising Sun”

3D Animation Demo Reel

The 3D Animation program at VanArts gave me the opportunity to work hands on with Maya for an entire year while working one on one with industry professionals. We learnt the principles of animation but more importantly the keys to quality performance. Lastly, we had the opportunity to concept and create our own short film,Continue reading “3D Animation Demo Reel”